Photophore Version History

Photophore Version History


March 24, 2015

  • Performance improvements - up to 15% reduction in CPU usage!!
  • 6 new waveshapes! We’ve doubled the waveshape options, giving you a wide variety of new timbres. Enjoy!
  • Glide: smoothly glide between notes when in monophonic mode!
  • 12 new presets showcasing the six new wave shapes.
  • Added glide to two existing presets: Killer Reese and Mr Legato.
  • Fixed bug where Photophore would go to sleep while Inter App Audio was connected, causing it to disappear in the IAA host.


February 11, 2015

  • MIDI input channel can now be selected
  • Mod Wheel support added (can be linked to Flock Speed, Turbulence or Filter)
  • Pitch Bend can now be set to full octave as well as whole-step values
  • iTunes file sharing added: patches and settings can now be managed and backed up using iTunes
  • Buttons are easier to tap throughout UI
  • Tutorial navigation improved, added swipe gestures and easier-to-tap buttons